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Price Borobudur tour

Borobudur and village tour

The Borobudur is the biggest and oldest Buddhist temple in the world. For hundreds of years the Borobudur was hidden, covered under ashes and vegetation. In 1814 the Borobudur was rediscovered, and the temple is still full of mysteries. Sitting on the Borobudur you will experience a breath-taking view over the green valleys below. It is a mystical place, you shouldn’t miss it when visiting Indonesia.

The Borobudur is closely connected with the authentic Javanese life.
During this popular private Borobudur tour we will take you to all the places you shouldn’t miss, when you want to experience the Borobudur and its authentic surroundings.

At 7.00 in the morning o’clock we will leave from your hotel to use our day to the fullest.

After driving for about one hour, we arrive at the Borobudur.
A guide, working for the Borobudur, will show you around in about 2 hours and tell you the stories connected to this ancient temple.

After visiting the Borobudur we will visit two other temples; the Pawon and Mendut temple. These temples are also part of the Borobudur UNESCO World Heritage Site. The three temples are built in a straight line.
In the Mendut temple we will find three big Buddhist statues from the 9th century. We can also visit the Buddhist monastery where up till today the Buddhist monks are still studying.

After enjoying the temples we drive to Candirejo, an authentic village where time stood still. You will enjoy a Javanese lunch and traditional Gamelan music. You will learn about the process to make Javanese sugar, cassave crackers and coffee Luwak which was passed down from generation to generation.

The village community organises tours and with a local guide you will explore the village by horse cart or bicycle and you will experience the authentic life in a Javanese village.

On our way back to the hotel we will pass through the peaceful countryside and ricefields and will have the opportunity to take beautiful pictures.

Yogyakarta authentic village

At the end of the day, around 17.00 hour, and a special memory richer, you are dropped off at your hotel.

Enjoy, relax and meet the authentic Java for a sharp all-in price


  • transport by private car with English speaking driver (fuel and parking included)
  • all entrance tickets (Borobudur, Pawon and Mendut temple, and free entrances in the villages)
  • local guide at Borobudur
  • lunch (also water, tea and coffee are included)
  • horse cart/bicycle
  • mineral water

Not included:

  • tipping
  • your personal expenses

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costs Prambanan tourPrambanan and cycling trip

Did you know that also the Prambanan temple is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site? It is an impressive and beautiful place that shouldn’t miss on your bucket list when visiting Indonesia.

The Prambanan temple is built in the same period as the Borobudur (around the year 850) but is a Hindu temple complex.
You will find three main temples. Each of them is built for a Hindu god:  Brahma (creator), Shiva (transformer) and Vishnu (preserver) and three smaller temples for the animal they travel on (a goose, a bull and an eagle)

Around the six main temples, there are 224 little (still ruined) temples.

For the private tour you are picked up from your hotel at 7.30 in the morning and drive through the beautiful landscape of sawa’s to a village near the Prambanan to start the cycling trip.

With a local guide you will explore the authentic village life and and learn how tempe, tofu, emping (Javanese crackers) are made.
You visit the Buddhist Plaosan temple.
During a coffee break you relax and will enjoy angklung (traditional Javanese bamboo instrument), and you will learn how to play traditional gamelan music.

In the village a lunch is served. After lunch we continue our trip and visit the Prambanan temple. With a local guide you explore the Hindu temple complex.

prambanan cycling tour

At the end of the afternoon we drive to the Ijo temple where we watch the sunset over Yogyakarta. When the sun has set we drive back to the city and you are dropped off at your hotel.

Explore, meet and enjoy the Javanese culture for a sharp all-in price:


  • transport by private car with English speaking driver (fuel and parking fees included)
  • all entrance tickets (Prambanan, the other temples and free entrances to the activities in the villages)
  • local guide at Prambanan
  • lunch (also water, tea and coffee are included)
  • bicycle tour with local guide (incl bicycle, helmet, picture and coffee break)
  • mineral water

not included

  • tipping and
  • all personal expenses

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costs merapi tourMerapi and Prambanan

“Merapi” means “mountain of fire”. It is still an active vulcano. The Merapi is (based on old legends) closely connected to Yogyakarta and is considered a sacred mountain. The Merapi is 2968 meters high.

Not only is the Merapi powerful, it is also a beautiful mountain. Escape the heath of the city and enjoy the beautiful nature and views on the mountain.

You will be picked up at 08.30 at your hotel in Yogyakarta, in about 1 hour we drive to the Merapi volcano.

On the Merapi, you will make a spectacular jeep tour of about 2 hours. Enjoy nature and beautiful views from your jeep.

Next to the spectacular jeep tour, we will visit the Sisa Hartaku Museum (the museum of “remaining belongings”) where we can see how the vulcano destroyed some villages on October 30th, 2010. In the museum we find different objects damaged by the eruption, including a clock which stopped at the exact time of the eruption.

merapi Yogyakarta

On the mountain we will also find the bunker, where volunteers (who watched how the eruption was developing) were hiding,
We also meet with the “batu alien” a rock with the shape of an alien, a favourite place to take pictures.

The people who lived in the destroyed villages, now run the museum and the jeep tours on the mountain. So by visiting these sites, you not only get impressed by the power and beauty of the vulcano, but you also support the local people who lost everything they owned in the eruption.

After the jeep tour and the museum we will stop at a local restaurant to have lunch and visit the Plaosan temple.

After that we will visit the Prambanan temple complex, and Bubrah, and Sewu temple.

At the end of the afternoon we drive to the Ratu Boko temple to watch the sunset and enjoy some (simple) food.

At 18.00 we drive back to your hotel.

Be impressed, and enjoy the Javanese culture for a sharp all-in price:


  • transport by private car with English speaking driver (fuel and parking fees included)
  • jeep rent (max 5 persons)
  • all entrance tickets (museum, Plaosan, Prambanan, Ratu Boko temples)
  • local guide at Prambanan
  • lunch at local restaurant (also water, tea and coffee are included)
  • (simple) food at Ratu Boko temple
  • mineral water

Not included:

  • tipping
  • all personal expenses

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Jomblang tour price costsJomblang Cave and Pinus Pengger

Gunung Kidul is located south of Jogjakarta city. Gunung Kidul means “mountains in the South”. Since 2014 Gunung Kidul is recognised by UNESCO as a “Geopark”. The beautiful landscape of limestone rocks is unique on our earth. Over thousands of years the rainwater and underground rivers eroded the soft limestone  and created a unique cave system.

The Jomblang cave you will visit is made up of three parts. The first is a large huge sinkhole (25 meters in diameter and about 50 meters deep). This sinkhole used to be a cave until a long time ago, the roof collapsed. Now the sinkhole is  covered with trees and vegetation. You will climb down in the sinkhole with the help of a rope. The second part of the cave is a long tunnel (250 meters) which you will enter at the bottom of the sinkhole. The roof of the tunnel is not completely closed and the sun will peek through and will create an amazing view of sunrays. The tour ends in Goa Grubog, the central cave which is as high as 90 meters.

Jomblang tour Yogyakarta From Yogyakarta it takes a 2 hours drive to go to the Jomblang cave. To arrive at the right visiting time, we have to depart at 07.00 in the morning from Yogyakarta. Every day maximum 70 – 90 people are allowed to visit the cave. The visit will finish around 2 pm, with a simple lunch.

After the lunch we drive back to Yogyakarta. On the way, we will stop at the Pinus Pengger or Pinus Becici view point (Obama visited Pinus Becici in 2017) . From these view points we can watch the sunset and after dark we can beautifully see lights of the city. After enjoying the view we drive back to Yogyakarta and in about 1 hours you will be dropped off at your hotel.

If you mind being a bit dirty; don’t forget to take clean clothes with you.

Enjoy the unique landscape of Gunung Kidul and realise once again how beautiful our world is created, for a sharp all-in-price:

  • transport by private car with English speaking driver (fuel and parking fees included)
  • Entrance tickets
  • (simple) lunch at Jomblang cave
  • mineral water

Not included:

  • tipping
  • all personal expenses

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